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Demon Marking and Transparent Face/ Face accessory

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in Bug Reporting
I noticed the demon face markings on DA and DS just vanishes as soon as you put on any face accessory (non cash) or even Transparent Face (the cs item)

This seems to be a mistake.. since it completely nullifies the need for another cash shop item that removes the demon face marking (and only demon face marking) specifically

Why would you need the demon marking remover when equipping any accessory already removes it for you? It literally does nothing unless you're not wearing any face accessory at all, which, during gameplay never happens

So is there actually any way to retain the demonic face markings while wearing any face accessory?


  • MalvonMalvon
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    edited May 2020
    The item is more or less a basic face accessory with no stats you can choose from the get go, which is why any regular non cash will replace it. I have a feeling when they made demon slayer at the time giving a class a face accessory was easier to do and figured well it just easier to just make it an item instead of an effect.

    As for the cash item that is for sale to remove the marking more or a less is a marketing issue.

    Manager: "How to we make money from this? I got it, lets offer customers the ability to remove mark from the face if they don't like it and we can sell it to them."
    Dev Staff: "It just a regular item we programed in just to give to the class ."
    Manager: So.....Make removal cash item anyway.
    Dev Staff: You know this won't do anything right? Because it is not an effect but just a item.
    Manager: Just do it and don't question my logic.
    Dev Staff: Fine........