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Remove Kishin


  • ruth02ruth02
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    edited June 2020
    HHG1 wrote: »
    NicholasB wrote: »

    i have to disagree with you, other classes are fine, including jett, etc, because they're not that good for hackers and yet kanna are very good for hackers
    i really don't know why you're trying so hard to protect this class called kanna, they say those who protect kanna are usually hackers themselves, which is make sense.
    Did you even bother reading my post? Because if you did, I have to say that reading comprehension is not your strong suit.
    I'm making the point that it's stupid to make the argument that just because a class is popular among hackers for any period of time warrants it getting removed. I illustrated this by pointing out other classes that have dominated as the hacking class for longer periods of time as well. (And responding to the person saying that kanna should be removed just for being a non-KMS class, which is equally dumb.)

    Again, hackers have used a large variety of classes for hacking over the years, and removing kanna as a class would not slow them down at all.
    Arguing for removing kanna is the same as arguing for the removal of every other class that has ever been used for hacking, which, again, is stupid.

    If you can't see why removing a whole class solely based on the reasoning that hackers have used, are using, or will use it on a larger scale, then you must be stupid too. If you see no other merit in keeping kanna as a class then you have clearly never played one.

    There is a case to be made against kishin and the unhealthy meta surrounding it, but going "kanna hackers bad, all kanna are hackers, remove the class" is so far detached from any type of logic I'm not even sure if I should have dignified it with a response, or several.

    100 % agree with you
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