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Shaolin Temple Quest bug

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In shaolin temple on room 3-4 where you talk to chengxin and complete his quest to defeat 150 and 100 of the silver guys, after, when you speak to him to enter the next room, he tells you to take a metamorph potion and after accepting it should auto take you to the next room. For me, after selecting accept / yes, the quest just closes and does nothing. I can't even manually go to the next room through the portal. Clicking no follows up with the dialogue, 'let me know when you're ready then'. Anyone else having this problem?


  • нσяιƶεηнσяιƶεη
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    Yes, I’m having the same problem and relogging doesn’t seem to fix it (sometimes works but not this time I guess)

    UPDATE: [POTENTIAL FIX] Make sure you are not in a party