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Event shop no Maple Tour VIP coupons/cs totems?

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Why does every new shop except the one in a patch that introduces excludes these? The Goblin event introduced Maple Tour ones and then they are never seen again, same with Fury totem. Maple Memo for v204 and 212 said they will be included in future events and yet nothing.


  • ThatRandomShadeThatRandomShade
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    Wondering this too, being able to do 5 runs instead of 2 everyday is a BIG meso difference, since we have a stamp shop again it would of been a perfect time to bring them back.
  • zmintzmint
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    Yeah I was looking at patch notes for rise again to plan which items I want to get, and then I realized rise lasts until August 30, pretty much september. That means since goblin festival, which was around march, tuere are no more maple tour vip passes for 5 months. People in september won’t even know what a vip maple tour pass is.

    It feels like the item was introduced in goblin festival to briefly appease frustration that bye by kanna was being removed. Goblin festival was when maple tour was introduced and bye bye kanna removed. Maple tour for maple points is pay to win in reboot.

    Yeah they are giving us maple points through maple relay, but I’m not spending it on maple tour
  • ProphetieProphetie
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    VIP passes and Maple Relay giving us Maple Points at the same time would be a bit overkill IMO but it should've been in the last event shop and a few Sunday bonuses.
    At least, that's the impression I got from the memo/patch notes at the time.
    Hopefully they'll be back
  • LatemasterLatemaster
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    Why those tour passes aren't in rew shop anyways?
    i could pay 300 rew points/9m meso easily but 300 maple points for 9m nope. either give more meso/run or reduce the mp cost to something reasonable.
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    you think the MP coupons was added for decoration in CS?

    btw mapletour meso rates are not same in non-reboot and reboot
    also for a daily quick meso runs in reboot its so broken especially if you p2w and wait