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Party Quests Revamp / Improvements required

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Hi everyone. I'd like to talk to you about Party Quests and the big problem that needs to be resolved, about it.

First of all, let's begin with the simple fact that Party Quests, including the Cross world party quest portal where you can enter most / all party quests, is nearly dead. I've been visiting Party Quests area almost every day and could never find a party to start a PQ, ever. This is a very sad thing to see, because PQ's can be very fun and encourage being social with this game, and considering the fact the game is encouraging a solo gameplay in many ways, Party Quests would encourage making new friends, teamwork, doing things with other players instead of going alone / solo, and more.

Why is this problem happening, and what can be done about it? Very simple, I'll tell you.

First of all, its happening because players know Party Quests are currently almost useless and provide no rewards that are worth doing the PQ for it. There's also the fact that, many players forget even Party Quests exists and that the area meant for party quest recruitment is dead so they dont even bother going there to check if anyone is there or if anyone is interested in doing a PQ. No one wants to do a PQ if they know from the beginning that its just a waste of their time, and just for "fun" no one would want to do it. Players these days are looking to do something in this game to get something useful out of it, like items to upgrade equipment, cubes, scrolls, and exp buffs and more.

Currently, almost all if not all Party Quests give terrible rewards, and you can see what rewards you can get from a PQ before you even do that PQ. You see the terrible stats the rewards have, or how useless they are, and you just dont want to do a PQ.

The bigger problem is, even if rewards are improved, and are making it worth doing a PQ for it, even then players might not do PQ's because there needs to be something in the game that makes players more aware of PQ's and know they exist and that they should be doing them.

In many ways, the game has become very solo and lonely because of how things work, the fact you can enter bosses alone, some PQ"s and quests alone, and more. This encourages players to solo almost everything, which is a bad habit and discourages social gameplay / doing things in a party.

Party Quests are the best way to solve the problem, but for some reason nothing's being done to improve them. How about start with improving the rewards? Simply add rewards like good XP, good amount of mesos especially for Reboot world, and prizes which are worth doing the PQ for.

The way things work now, if I want to do a Party quest with 4 or 5 other players, I need to work very hard to look for people and convince them to do it with me despite the fact the PQ give terrible rewards and that its a waste of time mostly. I'd have to look for people to do it in my guild, and randomly around the game by chatting them or whispering.

Even then, I found enough players to start the PQ, after one round of that PQ they'd probably leave and give up and dont want to continue after they see the terrible rewards they got from it. This brings us back to the previous problem, too.

So, I suggest improving party quests rewards in a way that you get rewards that make it actually worth doing a PQ, and add features to the game which encourage doing PQ's more and add an easy way of recruiting for PQ's, just like there's an easy way of recruiting for bosses even if not many players use that feature.


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    They should remove the level entry on all of them.. make them for all levels ,remove entry limit and buff exp on all of them so they are the meta training area..
  • LatemasterLatemaster
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    well back in BBB pqs gave plenty more exp than grinding. Now you can choose to get the same amount of exp in 2min grind or 15min pq and the item rewards can be ignored. If the pq shop had something decent for sale i probably would consider doing pq again (currently game needs meso so piggy banks would be nice).