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Mihile Botters

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edited June 2020 in General Chat
There's a growing amount of Mihile botters all over dead maps and starforce omega maps/ showa/ etc. You see a lot of them in the free market too. It's creating a LOT of server lag and is frustrating since some channels have been crashing..


  • Kyotheman69Kyotheman69
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    my issue is they are hacking and every time most cases on maps they D/c me every time, these jerks are cancel, wish nexon would bann them
  • JettLuvsUJettLuvsU
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    edited July 2020
    I've also seen Mercedes and Kaiser be used by who ever is botting now.
    Bots suck so much.
  • JoshingJoshing
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    yeah i went to ninja castle recently and every single map had a mihile bot in it
    and every channel at samurai boss had a bot

    and if you sit near fm entrance you will see a non stop stream of kaiser bots poppping into fm every few seconds

    also its astounding how real life cash meso site spammers are allowed to sit in henesys for weeks straight with no removal

    i suspect the bot presence is an inside job