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Gender Change

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I was told to post this here from GM Ilitxiah for a chance for this feature to be available. Wouldn't this be a convenient feature? I feel that if nexon can handle Zero controlling two characters of different genders, that it would not be too difficult to change our only characters to the opposite gender.
  1. Gender Change, yay or nay?14 votes
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       79% (11 votes)
    2. Nay
       21% (3 votes)


  • DevilsbishopDevilsbishop
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    With one of the previous hair coupons I think it was April fools thing. Where you can get male hairs as a female character and female hair as a male character, it probably frees up some data not having blocks on gender on everything. This isn't a "it's 2020" post. Some of the male eyes goes nicely with the female hairs, and visa versa.

    - to remove gender completely I feel would be a nice step, character creation? A standard skin suit and a cycle of all the faces and hairs we currently have for newbies.

    Though with a gender swap I guess they can cash into it somehow ..... Though saying that if they mixed hairs and just had "royal hair coupon" and got a whole mixed bunch, think of what people would go for the rates are pretty low as it is let alone if you had 15 different potential styles to get. So people would use more coupons...more coupons more loot for nexon amarite?
  • ProphetieProphetie
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    Since their release, there is a bug with female Arks where they don't see the animation for one of their 5th job skill.
    This would allow them to change gender and work around it since there's still no word on a fix
  • AnEpicSquirrelAnEpicSquirrel
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    During the Isekai Quartet event I wanted to make an Aqua Kanna, but the hair for Aqua was only male. So I made... a male Kanna. The hair options later flipped, so now I'm a bit annoyed that I can't take advantage of the Female only Cash Shop items (Rise Box, etc). I mean, I paid for them, I should be able to use them regardless.

    Or they can just remove gender restrictions for clothing and offer both Hair/Face Style coupons to your characters (ie: Royal Coupon (F) for more feminine RNG, but you can roll these regardless of original gender).
  • FuhreakFuhreak
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    Removing gender completely from the game is the best path.
    This gives so many people exactly what they want without turning it into a political issue.
    Korea doesn't have to deal with the whole "gay marriage" thing and we can stop seeing this thread every week.