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[Cash Shop] Hair Choice Coupon

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edited July 2020 in Suggestions, Feedback, and Requests
I noticed that you can no longer purchase hair styles from towns anymore and that you can now only select from 10 styles available through the Cash Shop with a Hair Choice Coupon. The description of this coupon states: "The Hair Choice Coupon's styles change every so often. Check the official MapleStory website for more information." I've been checking the website for months now and I don't see any changes to the selections. Either remove this coupon if you're never going to update it, or bring back the coupons that allow you to purchase hairstyles from towns. I'm pretty sure these town NPCs can provide a much larger variety than these 10. If you never want to update this coupon, then restore the styles that were originally available in the towns and add it to this coupon.
  1. Shouldn't this coupon be removed if it's never going to be updated?5 votes
    1. Yes
       80% (4 votes)
    2. No
       20% (1 vote)


  • MalvonMalvon
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    I wouldn't remove the coupon it just needs to be updated every so often, like make it so it updates once a season like once for spring, summer and so on kinda like all-stars hair coupon.
  • JettLuvsUJettLuvsU
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    edited July 2020
    I wished they had made that new coupon as a way to streamline buying VIP and REG styles.
    As it is, I like the idea I'm seeing from these coupons. Fine Shampooed Hair is an older hairstyle that was once released in the Royal Hair Coupon.
    Since it's older now, I believe the idea was to revive styles like this one through this new coupon.
    But if they're not gonna update it often, then I really want them to just add the old styles back from the old coupons.

    Malvon wrote: »
    ... like make it so it updates once a season like once for spring, summer and so on kinda like all-stars hair coupon.

    If they do this, I think it would be better to make the list as large as the VIP Royal Coupons. 30 Face styles and 30 Hair styles.