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Make DMT 24 hours (and get rid of chat messages)

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Is there any reason for dmt to be in 1 hour increments? Making it 24 hours will not only lessen server load but also make it more convenient for everyone. I'm sure this has been suggested many times already but I don't see why this can't be implemented. It seems like Nexon refuses to listen to their North American player base because KMS makes them more money.


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    I believe the 1 hour increments are so that people feel the fear of missing out (FOMO), so it incentivizes people to cube (during normal servers). The problem lies in the disproportionate amount of people playing Reboot and the amount of people sending requests to maplestory's cubing server, I feel like it's akin to a DDOS attack and that the servers aren't capable of handling all of these responses. I doubt that Nexon will allocate more resources for an event that happens every few months though. They have a budget, but I'm still incredibly disappointed.