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Cash Shop Inventories

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Picking a Class in the Hero's only allows those to trade between each other.... or explorers with each other....
this is quite annoying.....

TLDR: add NX items sharing NPC for account wide sharing

1. allow all classes to share cash shop inventories with one another
2. why has this not been done yet
3. if a player is buying a cash shop item to use... they should be able to share it with any of the characters they have or will make in the future

(perm nx.... its a thing..... why can we not share the perm nx with any of our characters?)

if you say A (so players can try to decide on picking a main class category to work on)
this limits people from playing all classes available in the game....
if you say B ( well the code that has been set up has not been designed for this)
you are basically saying that you wanted it this way so people would spend more money on NX items....
if you say C (we are not looking to change this in the future at all or don't answer)
this will further make people think you are cash grabbing...

Solution : allow all characters to share nx item inventories (example perm hyper rocks on hero's can be shared with explorer's or any other character types)
this could entail a new npc that has 8 slots only non expandable to move perm nx only items into (new storage master) only for this purpose
as doing this in the current cash shop would entail "too much coding" to add a new tab window with this function

From a Long veteran of the game, please & thanks


  • LaxrsiLaxrsi
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    You answered your own question to number 2. It's just a disgusting attempt to make more money.
  • ShadEightShadEight
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    They just want you to wait for cash shop inventory transfer, its the good ole' FOMO tactic which they've been ramping up lately and will one day be the death of this game...