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Joytokey analog stick issue, desperate for answers

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So I'm making a thread here in the maplestory forums because I've tried and asked everywhere else and found no answers. I feel like since some of you use joytokey to play maplestory, maybe you've had this issue before.

A year ago I played maplestory regularly using my dualshock and joytokey to play, with no issues. Today I decided to revisit the game and play again, but for some reason when setting up as usual, my second stick is shown as being pressed forward (stick2 up is highlighted yellow on joytokey as if it's being activated). I use the second stick to move the cursor around in Maplestory (touchpad as mouseclick) so my cursor goes up and just stays there. Calibrating it on joytokey does nothing.

This is unusual because its never happened to me before. I updated joytokey to the latest program and then back to stable 5.2. neither worked.

Ftr, yes I can use another program, but I enjoy joytokey because it's less confusing to use, and I already have saved button maps on it, I don't really want to use another program unless it's a super last resort. I have not yet checked if Ds4 gives me this same issue, but I'll try tomorrow after work.


  • MrCool59MrCool59
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    only thing i can think of that would cause this issue would be calibration is off or the controller has an internal issue
    check if windows is reporting the issue by going to settings devices then on the right hand side go to device and printers then right click on your controlled then go to properties
  • Kyotheman69Kyotheman69
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    i had no issues with my controller for longest time, i use PS4 controller wired in, everything was fine until this update, really need bug fix
  • Maple1000Maple1000
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    I'm having the same problem except I wasn't using a program to make my controller work. There's nothing wrong with our controllers or settings, it's completely on Nexon's side. It's because of whatever changes they made during the update. Really need a fix
  • BunnyBombBunnyBomb
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    Was having the same issue I fixed by going to Configure Joystick devices. At the bottom of stick 2 you'll see where it lets you select the axis you would like to use for the stick. under Horizontal select Z-axis and under vertical select RZ-axis I hope this helps