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Fix reboot familiar system

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We all know the familiar system on reboot is super unbalanced. People who farmed odas and boogies before the second revamp are at an advantage wth crazy ied and boss lines. The people who didn't are left with useless content, and the chances of them ever seeing any boss or ied lines are very slim. Add red familiar cards to the reboot cash shop to at least give the players who didn't farm odas or boogies a chance.

Nexon right now.
Thanks u/spon224


  • iLikeRichCloiLikeRichClo
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    Thinking there are a few options Nexon could consider here.

    1) Red familiar cards in Reboot.
    2) Increase drop rate for common and/or rare and/or epic familiar cards.
    3) Adjust familiar system (e.g. less points needed to rank up, less trash lines).
  • TerrorStreakTerrorStreak
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    agreed with above red cards fix albeit at a weekly account cap