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Check rankings for obvious hackers once in a while

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I've been checking blaster rankings for a little while now and it's insane how far so many clearly illegitimate characters get while being so high on the board. Not to say anyone not spending a ton of money on pure cosmetics is illegitimate but of the top 50 a solid half of the Lv248+ blasters in Reboot are rocking default hair+face, 3/4pc CRA, and Pensalir equips. Even two of the three blasters above Lv260 now are wearing Pensalir with one still wearing Zakum face + eye accessories. A little justice and consistency would be nice as far as bans go, especially when it's so blatant.


  • ProphetieProphetie
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    While at least 6 of the top 50 are very sketchy, 3 piece CRA is standard at all stages of the game. Zakum Face and Eye are very common meso/drop gear.
    If we were suspicious of anyone lvl 250+ wearing those we'd have to investigate on most players
    The pensalir shoes/gloves is where it gets weird as those were bad options even before Absolab set and flames.
  • iArrowZiArrowZ
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    you need a hobby.
  • LaxrsiLaxrsi
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    Nexon loves hackers and will ban legit people
  • TurtlesRockTurtlesRock
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    Laxrsi wrote: »
    Nexon loves hackers and will ban legit people

    I have reported "obvious" hackers with as long of a video that nexon support allows, and nexon didn't ban them. Since then I don't bother recording and sending footage of hackers to nexon support.
  • JelaniJelani
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    1. Nexon does a pretty good job of finding hackers
    2. Nexon doesn't care about Reboot