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[Bera] Looking for guild with the following

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Hi everyone, I came back after a 4 year break and looking for a guild. Ideally I'm looking for a friendly guild that's down for training or boss runs in order to help each other get built up whether it be through obtaining higher equipment or leveling. I'm also looking for somewhere with preferably* older players, but not really a must. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it!


  • L4d2jpnL4d2jpn
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    Are you looking for a more established guild or are newer/quieter ones ok with you?
  • HennessyXOHennessyXO
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    Hello I’ve been playing off and on for many many years all my friends no longer play MS. I suppose you can say with all these new jobs , classes and skills I’m more of a newbie than an OG now :) so I am looking to join a guild and hope to make new friends! I play PST normally evenings 8-10 let me know what the requirements are to join! The guild size doesn’t matter to me. My IGn in beta is Hennybottle