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Auction House Suggestions/Feedback

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1. Display the character name of the character that listed the item so that players can see who they are buying from, and can contact them if they would like to offer or propose a trade. When GMS had the MTS system, this was one of the perks, being able to search by IGN and see all of the items that a specific seller is selling.
2. When searching with a filter, some item names still get cut off. This was fixed for 'Quick Search' however you still cannot type the full names of some items in the filtered search tabs.
3. Integrate Maple Points into the Auction House, similar to how the old MTS system was, but with Maple Points only, and of course Nexon could still add a tax onto this (5% normal, 3% for MVP Silver+ like it is with Mesos). This will make it possible to sell items that are worth more than 30 billion Mesos without having to break the Terms of Service or forcing players who want to buy and sell these items to have to risk getting scammed by using a form of collateral or middleman which is not 100% safe.
4. Sell additional Auction House listing slots for Reward Points or NX on a temporary or permanent basis. Right now there are 10 slots available normally, and 30 slots available for MVP Silver+ players. This simply is not enough slots for a game like MapleStory with so many items. If there was a way to increase the slots, even if it is paid, it would be an improvement.

Suggestion 1 would be a significant quality of life change for players, 2 would be a minor fix/improvement, and 3 and 4 would actually drive more NX Cash sales along with improve the game.

An additional suggestion I have that is not related to the Auction House per se, but is related to buying and selling MapleStory items would be to bring back Shop Permits in the Cash Shop and allow them to be used in Town maps such as Henesys, Vanishing Journey etc. If clutter would be an issue, then they could disallow them to be used near NPC's. Sometimes people just want to window shop, and the Auction House makes it too difficult by only showing the newest 13 pages or so of listings when you enter it.


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    for number 1 - I remember in this forum some people voicing they like the anonymity. I guess getting spammed lowball offers would be annoying. I think a good alternative is like a 'notes system' where if the player wants, they can put a note on the item, such as 'message offers to IGN: ABC', or actually implementing a real auction system where people can also make/accept bids inside the AuctionHouse.

    Number 3 is definitely huge and a shame they haven't done this. Allowing maple points without a cap for sales in auction house would be a game changer. I know some people who have been banned for discussing USD trades in game, but this sort of violation is rampant in maplestory (from rumors I hear..)