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Mercedes As a Main

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edited December 2020 in General Chat
i dont know a lot about old class in MapleStory
does Mercedes its a good class? Worth to amke her as my Main?
or compare to the All new Classes she no worth it?

same about Aran,


  • KororeKorore
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    Mercedes and Aran are both solid choices. Both rather fun to me.

    I'd suggest playing around and figuring out which class suits your playstyle the best, and most importantly, which class you enjoy the most.
  • Penguinz0Penguinz0
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    Define "good class."
    All jobs have their pros and cons, and their mob/boss/mobility/support/etc capabilities often fluctuates when balance patch or new 5th job skills come out. Don't try to pick your main based on their performance. Play around and watch some youtube videos and pick a main that you actually like and can have fun with. Forget about their performance. I mained Kaiser because he looked super cool and I actually had fun playing him, despite him being pretty trash. Then after new 5th job skills and many buffs through several balance patches, Kaiser is one of the top tier class now. Even Jett, the trashest class of all, got really big buff in this Awakening event and they're good now. Fun first, performance later.