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Can someone help newbie kanna

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Hello yall. I am playing Kanna as main and I had some questions regarding union, links, nodes, skill rotations.

1. What are link set-up for bossing/mobbing ?
2. Which mules to take advantage of burning to hit 200 or 210 ?
3. Which legions are must for Kanna?
4. How do I set up my nodes ? Which ones to enhance first ?
5. What are skill rotation ?
6. What are the end gears ?

Thank you


  • MalvonMalvon
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    I'll try my best to answer a few of these, I sadly can't answer any node, skill rotations or end gears.

    Generally good link skills to have are from these groups they are more of a decent suggestion and you can experiment with what you like best and can you always level more mules to boost link skill levels in the future.

    1: Mobbing Demon Avenger, Beast Tamer ,Phantom, Hayato, Adele if in party, Kaiser, Ark ,Luminous. Zero, Aran, Mercedes, Explorer - Magician, Illium
    2: Bossing Shade, Demon slayer, Demon Avenger, Beast Tamer, Phantom, Kaiser, Hayato, Adele if in party. Luminous, Zero, Cygnus Knights, Mihile if stance is low, Resistance, Kinesis.

    2: Best mules, Beast Tamer, Mihile, Jett if your you good about collecting dust to give nice potential to link skill.

    3: I'd say Boss, Buff Duration, HP, Crit Dmg, Ignore Def, Magic Att, Int, and maybe Critical Rate if you feel you need it.

    Overall I hope this helps you out a bit, I figure other Kanna mains can give you better info then I can about it since they would have more experience about the topic. Thank you for your time. :)