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New to Maplestory and overwhelmed

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Hello! I'm new to Maplestory and I'm really enjoying it - I just love the visuals of this game, it is so modern, sleek and refined... I think it's helping my mental health! Anyway, I'm writing this post because the game is so complex and overwhelming and there are many things I can't understand still after trying my best to research on my own. I don't like begging for help but this is my last resort :) Could anyone have some time to help? Here are my questions:

1. Alot of my equipments, after enhancing with scrolls and star force, now have names that are red with (+x) number next to the names when I see the equipment's information by hovering over it. (E.g. Commerci Bladecaster (+4) ) What does this red color of the name of the equipment indicate? And what does the (+x) number next to the name of the equipment indicate? According to Nexon's official website about Equipment Information, the red color means the equipment is 'Special class'? Am I right? Although I have no clue what the (+x) number next to the name of the equipment indicates.

2. Also in the detailed information of some of my enhanced equipments, there are green and blue +x numbers in brackets in areas like Strength, Dexterity, Boss Damage, etc. What do these green and blue +x numbers each exactly mean?

Thank you, that's all of my questions for now. I hope my wording isn't too hard to understand. Thank you.


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    +x is the number of times the item has been enhanced with scrolls. Colors indicate how much the enhanced stats on the item differentiate from the base stats. Color is largely irrelevant, the larger ATT increase number is a better indicator of whether an item is better for you to use.

    Blue +x numbers are stats obtained from scrolls and star force enhancement. Green +x numbers are obtained from bonus stats and flames of rebirth. You shouldn't worry about using flames until you have an end-game gear set, because flames aren't all that useful at lower levels anyway.
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    Neospector thank you so much :)