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Awake Maple Bingo

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Happy holidays Maplers!

In celebration of the winter holiday as well as the most recent Awake: Flicker of Light update, we wanted to present a bingo card for Maplers to fill out to potentially earn some awesome prizes! The goal is to make any bingo (five in a row) by submitting screenshots and any supplementary text (optional) to go with each screenshot.

The bingo squares only serve as a guide, and it's up to you to get creative with the screenshots! We'll be judging based off of creativity mainly. Going through the center, you only need to supply 4 screenshots since the center square is free. This does not diminish your score in any way!

*Note that several squares are not available before the Sellas content opens up and some squares can only be taken while the holiday events are in effect.

Contest Deadline
- January 19 at 11:59 PM UTC

How to Enter
- Achieve a bingo by supplying screenshots that fit the criteria of each bingo square on the board.
- For squares that ask you to supply text, make sure to add those too!
- Add each image to your post in this thread or link out as an Imgur album.

Winner Selection
- Up to 2 winners and 3 runner-ups will be selected based on the creativity and sentiment behind their submissions.

- 2 winners will receive both a Sellas themed mug AND an Awake themed poster IRL!
- 3 runner-ups will receive either the mug OR the poster of their choice.


Disclaimer that due to current world events, preparing your parcels and shipping may take longer than usual after the contest has ended.

Good luck to everyone entering and have a safe and happy holidays!


  • YukkayYukkay
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  • AceGoldstarAceGoldstar
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  • CaviesCavies
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    Show off Your Winter Fashion!

    Share Your Favorite 2020 Maplestory Memory!
    Many of my favorite memories have had to be with Estherina! We migrated back to Bera after the closure of MS2 and have had quite the adventure exploring Mapleworld. I had to share the picture of us completing Sleepywood's 7 stage jump quest, the Forest of Tenacity. Oh.. how many hours we spent falling.

    Wear or pose with someone wearing BTS fashion!

    Take a pic of your snow globe chair!

  • RueZRueZ
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    Winter Fashion

    Favorite 2020 MapleStory Memory
    Having to stay indoors for a good part of 2020 sucked for the most part, but one highlight was that it gave me time to obsessively dilligently call Orchid from FriendStory for 30 days straight between 8-9 UTC to get the much coveted Pillow Fight Chair. @_@;;


    BTS Fashion

    My Snow Globe Chair

  • ErasEras
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    I had a lot of free time so I tried to see how far I could go.. but still got BONGI!!11
  • JonathanAlonzoJonathanAlonzo
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    Visit The Grand Anthenaeum:


    Wear the plush winter hoodie and conquer any jump quest:


    Take a pic of your 150+ Zero:

    CAPWYwX.png I11hVA9.png

    Equip the Explorer Diving Helmet:


    Take a pic next to vanishing journey's tree:


  • DaxterbeerDaxterbeer
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    My best friend is actually my cousin, Raymond! We met when I was still an infant. He introduced me to games including Maplestory when I was younger. Besides games, everything including our personality were the a mirror image except mine was like 2 years later (similar to how GMS copies KMS and is behind in content by 6 months.) The picture taken is Castle Ramparts 4. This is where he trained everyday day to 200 back in 2010 and became one of El Nido's first 200s. I still remember visiting my cousin during the weekend after my doctor's appoint. I would play flash games with his sister on the neighboring computer while watching him grind and speak to people on Skype while we were eating pizza. Ahhhh...memories.
  • CMKyriosCMKyrios
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    Love the entries so far y'all!

    A reminder that this contest will close at 11:59 PM UTC today! That's in about 5 hours and 30 minutes from this post.
  • alifalif
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  • MakiTemakiMakiTemaki
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    Wear or pose with someone wearing BTS fashion
    My friends always have the best fashion sense xd

    Take a pic of your snowglobe chair
    Was super happy with my snowglobe chair!! I love my pet penguin and of course couldn't forget about MINI MAGNUS!!!

    Show off your winter fahsion
    Thankfully nexon provided me with this cute outfit and this cute fishing chair !

    Favorite Maplestory 2020 memory!!
    My Lucid team started matching outfits every week for our runs and since we started doing that we haven't failed a single run!! :D

    Bingo card

  • PissedOFPissedOF
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    Bingo Card:
    I chose to do 5 bingo and not the cross one because i really wanted to show this moments haha. Took a bit longer to complete but hope you guys like it!

    Win one time Legion Arena
    Best out of 3 right?? When i lost in the second round i was scared he/she was going to beat me.
    FUN FACT: I lost 3 in a row before winning that one and taking the screenshot


    Take a PIC of your 80+ Beast Tamer
    Wanted to make this one a bit funny; Beast Tamer is known among the community as the circus clown. On the image we can see Beast Tamer trying to fight Pierre for the show.

    Take a festive PIC with a friend and share how you two met
    We took the picture in El Nath and with our most warm outfits. The Ring effect shows our love. We first met in real life and then we began our maple journey together as i introduced him to the game. Since Zero class can't get married, we show our affection with the heart effect over our heads everytime we are together <3

    Visit Sellas, Where the stars Met
    I took a screenshot on a scary and funny part of the cinematic. We obviously hit something!! After we got to the bottom i manage to get out and close myself on my aquarium chair. As you can see, Munch, Dali and Kahlo couldn't get out of the submarine, LOL!

    Take a PIC at the Mountain of Awakening
    On this screenshot i wanted to try 2 thing wich both failed sadly: I wanted to fly on my mount so i could go higher than the mountain and i tried to use a chair for the same purpose but failed because the map doesn't allow it. Ultimately, i tried to pose beautifly with the grannys Man Ging and Chun Hee :D


    PS: Sorry if there are some grammar mistakes, english is not my natal language!
    A link to Imgur is also at the top of the post

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    Ignore, sorry double posted for some reason
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  • CMKyriosCMKyrios
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    This contest is now closed! We'll come back with the results in a day or two.
  • CMKyriosCMKyrios
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    Hi everyone! We're back with the results. Our winners are:

    Grand Prize:
    - RueZ
    - JonathanAlonzo

    - PissedOF
    - Cavies
    - MakiTemaki

    Thank you all for entering! To the winners, please keep an eye out on your forum DMs for us to gather the shipping information we need to send you all out your prizes (when it's safe to)!