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FYI, Familiars in Reboot are still a giant mess

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edited January 2021 in Suggestions, Feedback, and Requests
We have no Red Cards in Reboot still, so the only way to get decent familiars is to farm hundreds of thousands of cards

Decent lines only start showing up at Epic+

To get an epic familiar you have to merge 100 normal cards into a rare card. And even then it is 50/50 to upgrade to epic or not. So more like 150/200 cards to tier up to epic. And 200-400 Cards to tier up to unique. And then you only get the reveal. THERE IS NO WAY TO RE-ROLL FAMILIARS IN REBOOT. If you don't like what you got on reveal, you throw it away, and all that work was for nothing.

As it stands now, you will way out level any area below lvl 200 well before you farm that many familiar cards. And after 200 the only place to get familiar cards is tenebris. Which is lvl 240+

Any familiar cards before lvl 200 is useless collectors items because you will never be able to farm enough cards to tier it up before you out level that area. Unless Nexon is telling lvl 200+ players to go back and farm familiar cards for hours on end in low level areas. KSing lowbies again.......

So Nexon is telling Reboot that Familiars are a Mid/Endgame concept and to ignore it till you are at least lvl 240. Or you were around when Epic cards dropped like candy for 3 days, and you were super lucky.

Why are red cards not in Reboot? Fix this stupidity already.


  • LaxrsiLaxrsi
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    edited January 2021
    New familiar system is a cash grab on non-reboot. Why implement something on reboot that won't make them money and requires them to only copy and paste?
  • darikdarik
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    Dont bother with unique lines, just go to epic and aim for 2 usefull lines, thats it.