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Unban the innocent!

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edited January 2021 in General Chat
How come legit players get perm ban while botters don't get bans at all?
My friend just got perm banned yesterday for no reason, please release him!

I truly wonder sometimes, where is the justice?


  • Mercedes4Ever31Mercedes4Ever31
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    It's been like that for years, GL.
  • KororeKorore
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    Submit a ticket to Customer Support for further assistance.
  • pekinopekino
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    the new anti hacking system is very unfair. Because several of my friends when entering that Room GM (white map) gave them Dc and when they entered they were already banned. others due to ignorance thinking it was Lag, closed the game and Perm ban

    please remove that system until it is adjusted. at the moment nobody wants to play because there are many unfair bans