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Increase Damage Skin Storage Slots to 36+

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In KMS ver.1.2.331, Damage Skin Storage Slot maximum was increased from 35 slots to 36 slots:
The maximum number of Damage Skin Storage slots has been increased to 36.
However, when this update was merged with GMS in v.218, this change was not applied, leaving us with 35 Damage Skin Storage Slots maximum:
GMS is the only version on MapleStory that has less than 36 Damage Skin Storage Slots maximum, despite having more damage skins available than KMS. It is necessary we have at least the same maximum limit as KMS - if not more - because of this.

Summary: Increase the Damage Skin Storage Slot maximum to 36 or higher in GMS.

Note: I previously had a bug report thread on this matter, but since then the entry in v.218's Patch Notes has been redacted. As such, I have made this a Suggestion/Request to continue pursuing a change and gather support.


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    I've written a similar post back then. I included Damage Skin, Hair & Face slots, as well as more space for chairs.