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Clarification on the 220 reward

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I'm trying to make sure I'm understanding this correctly in that you can still obtain the reward if you hit 220 on Burning Char A while the 2nd round of burning is going on?


  • GhibleeGhiblee
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    Yes, that is correct.
    If you reach Lv. 220 on a Tera Burning character you created from part 1 during part 2 of the event, you can still obtain the Lv. 220 reward on that character.
    However, please note that the Lv. 220 reward can only be claimed once during the whole Tera Burning Plus event duration (only one of the two Tera Burning characters can receive it).

    - Lv. 220 Bonus Reward can be obtained by the 'Burning' character from Part 1 of the event if it reaches Lv. 220 during Part 2 event duration.
  • BlckJckBlckJck
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    Does this only work for the 220 reward? I reached 210 with my first burning char during the 2nd event and did not get the rewards I was hoping for.