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Strange/Unique Equips in Reboot

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edited July 2021 in Suggestions, Feedback, and Requests
Please bring back the content where these items originated from or add a new method of obtaining them. Cool and unique gear in Reboot with anvil-potential has been on a steady decrease ever since the server's release.

Items in question:
Spectrum Goggles
Smiley, Frowny and Sad Mask
White and Brown Raccoon Mask
Astaroth boots, gloves, hats and weapons
Pink and Purple Adventurer Cape
Blitz Helm, Power Mane, Arcana(?) Crown
Branch Nose
Rat Mouth
Male and Female Blizzard (Aran) Set
Unwelcomed Guest Alien armor (from the event almost a decade ago- these drops can be added to the Alien Visitor party quest)
Khanjar and Dragon Khanjar
Christmas Socks
Pickpocket Pilfer
Blood Mask, Reverse Dual Blade Mask
All colors of Work Gloves
All colors of Bandanas
All colors of Old Wisconsin
Fishing Pole (spear)
Nocturnal Staff
Bosshunter helmet, overall and boots

These items can be added in any manner... as long as they are actually obtainable (unlike Terminus weapons). You can add them as cash equips or as drops from underused GMS-exclusive content. People will buy hundreds and hundreds of equip anvils if just a fraction of these items were to return.


  • MapleSapoMapleSapo
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    edited July 2021
    I love the idea, and this is something I am always talking about to friends. "Nexon keeps removing good stuff from the game, and reboot can't even get them in an auction house". I got INCREDIBLE disappointed when they removed the level 163 Elemental staff from being a drop in the game. I was doing the boss all the time to eventually find out they removed it. Can you add them to your list? Maybe if we work on an idea and pump this thread enough they will hear us. I even sent them a ticket but they told me to create a thread here in the suggestion section. My thread was ignored, but maybe yours will be heard. There is a lot of content like the drops from the demons (Marbas and the others), and things that came from quests like the orange Skull Helmet, bamboo hats, the gas mask that had a boar face shape.. oh this were good times! I wanted a way to at least have these equips to anvil on my main.
  • BeefBeef
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    edited July 2021
    Nocturnal staff is in phantom forest shop i think
  • gaspardgaspard
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    edited July 2021
    I second this very much but GMS has an issue with removing equip items all around, poor or overly conditional customization when it wasn't like that before is a big sign of a dying game
  • GoldAdventurerGoldAdventurer
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    edited November 2021

    Some of these are available in shops. But more are needed! Some were removed and unobtainable anymore.

    Examples of some unobtainable items which were available in past:
    Flamekeeper Cordon,
    Crimsonheart Cloak,
    Crimsonheart Cape,
    Blackfist Cloak,
    Goldensoul Cape,
    Flamekeeper Glove,
    Colorful Musketeer Capes