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v225 Update Bug Update

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Hi Maplers,

Here to provide a brief update that we're looking into all the bugs/issues reported after the v.225 update maintenance.
As you are all very well aware, there are quite a few crashing/disconnecting issues and these are being investigated with high priority.
We apologize for the inconvenience you may be experiencing and we'll update the 'Known Issues' section on the patch notes shortly.

Notice: There is an issue where the game client may crash upon entering the following maps and get your character stuck:
- Ludibrium: Warped Passage
- Ludibrium: Forgotten Passage
- Road to Oblivion 5

Please avoid going to the said maps until the issue is addressed.
Thank you!


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    Any idea of what to do if you are stuck in one of those areas and it keeps crashing every log in