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[Goo Battle] No Goo Bless Skill Points Recived

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edited September 2021 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Event bug

Brief bug summary:

I finished the Daily mission and received the box that gave me the coin and the familiar cards, but no points fro levelling up the Goo Bless skills.

Steps to reproduce: Finish the Goo Battle daily quest.

Character name: Rheyzel
Character level: 248
Character job: Bishop
World name: Bera
Date and time of the incident: 09/11/2021 22:53 CEST


  • GhibleeGhiblee
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    edited September 2021
    [Pasting the response from the same bug report]
    Hi Maplers,
    We apologize for the delay in addressing this issue with Blessing of Goo skill points.
    Please see the updated note on our September 16 maintenance!

    [Updated September 15] Fixed the issue where certain players did not receive the Blessing of Goo skill points even after completing the Goo Island daily missions. Since the affected players missed out on the skill perks due to this issue, we've extended the Blessing of Goo skill duration until October 5 at 11:59 PM UTC.
    - Note: Blessing of Goo skill points will be reset for all players after the maintenance. Please remember to redistribute the obtained skill points to enjoy the perks once again.