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Boss checklist

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Implement an easy graphic view so we can see what daily/weekly boss we completed already (for example in Maple User List: Boss tab). Would be nice to keep a good overview! Just a check would do.


  • NeospectorNeospector
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    KMS added a way to view your boss clears from the boss tab in their 18th anniversary update.

    The Boss UI will now display your clear status.

    The Boss UI has been improved so that you can now confirm your challenge status on the selected bosses.
    You can now confirm quickly whether you can challenge a boss or not and if you have cleared at the bottom right part of the UI.
    You can see more detailed challenge and clear status in the tooltip by hovering over the boss picture.
  • SaliziiaSaliziia
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    Awesome would be cool as we EMS, Luna got it too