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Scared of the Dark/Creature of the Night still BUG

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Everyone knows these two medal were bugged since release.Recently I found this threadhttps://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/14981/scared-of-the-dark-creature-of-the-night-medals/p1 said the issue was resolved so I try re-doing the quest.The first two days everything was going well,prograssion went up to 2/7,and then it got stuck at the 3rd day (October 6,2021)I guess the maintenance cause the issue?then I forfeit-reaccept the quest and re login,this time it totally stuck at 0/7.Im sure I log in at the right time.Here's the detail:

October 3 restart the quest
October 4 progression:1/7
October 5 progression:2/7
October 6(after maintenance) progression:2/7,restart the quest and re-log-in,progression:0/7
October 7progression:0/7

My "Easy Rider"Medal quest also get stuck.


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