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[NA-REBOOT] Looking for a content completion guild

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Nickname: Andreii

Like I said in the title, I'm looking for a guild that not only wish to reach end-game doing the same boring things for a year and farm 6 hours a day...I want a guild that really want to experience all the content that was released till today, focusing on achievements over big numbers that anyone can have with just a Kanna farm. I'm in a journey to complete all quests (new character/account), complete all the achievements possible and enjoy the game in a deeper level than the mainstrem do.

I wish a guild like that exists, or we could create one, you guys decide.

Thank you


  • IaraIara
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    edited October 2021
    Hey, I don't have any such guild but I play in a pretty similar way. I follow something called "Completion Challenge". How about hitting me up in-game? I am "iara000" and just came back after a long hiatus! You can hit me up on my Discord: Iara#4611