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Legion Coins..

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i cant figure out how to generate legion coins.. every website i look at says my characters generate coins passively yet its been a week since i started legion and i still generated 0 coins... the level of my characters on the board are:
these are the 9 i have assigned..
Total level 1625
my main is too weak to even do the legion dailies so i honestly dont know what to do lol. im too weak to level my 193 too.. a regular mob non starforce takes like 10+ hits to kill...


  • NeospectorNeospector
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    While characters are on the legion grid, they generate coins passively. To claim them, simply enter the legion battle with the dragon and then exit, Dame Appropriation will give you your coins.

    The speed at which coins are generated is dependent on the damage dealt by your characters: every 100 billion units of damage dealt generates a coin (rounded down every 24 hours). Damage from these passive characters is dependent on level and star force and damage range itself has no impact, so make sure your characters have a high amount of star force if you're putting them on the legion grid.