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Peplock Holmes Episode 1 DEMOLISHIZER Answer Bug

Post: 1
in Bug Reporting
Bug type:
Event Functionality

Brief bug summary:
Received the word LIZIMRESHOED that should show as DEMOLISHIZER. The system does not accept this as potentially the word is censored and can't be entered therefore unable to complete Episode 1 quest for Peplock Holmes.

Steps to reproduce:
Receive quest with above word and try to answer the answer.


  • GoldAdventurerGoldAdventurer
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    edited January 2022
    Same issue for me. I'm stuck!
  • DancemonDancemon
    Reactions: 1,535
    Posts: 119
    edited January 2022
    And same for me on euro reboot
    hoping for huuuuuuge compensations =)
    Reactions: 905
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    edited January 2022
    same problem here
    no updates or compensation from nexon yet
  • HatakeHatake
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    Posts: 4
    edited January 2022
    Yep, same thing as well

    Can't get to episode 2
  • VuVuuVuVuu
    Post: 1
    I'm also having this issue D:
  • NecoleNecole
    Post: 1
    Me too, I'm having the same issue
  • TalonADCTalonADC
    Reactions: 100
    Post: 1
    Same here as well (NA, Reboot)