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Legion rankings incorrect now

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edited September 2022 in Bug Reporting
Bug: Legion ranking on the website is no longer correct
Type: website
Date of occurrence: since v.235
Character: doesn't really apply
World: I'm in Aurora but it's probably the same in the other worlds
Steps to reproduce: get 42 or more chars in one world, then check your legion ranking ingame and compare with the one on the website.
Reason: with v.235, Legion level is determined as the sum of your 42 highest level chars. It used to be 40. Ingame it correctly calculates legion level based on the 42 chars but the website still uses the 'old' 40 chars.
I'm at a pretty high legion level ingame. I'd like the website to reflect that too. Also i'd like to see where the competition is at :P Right now i can't tell anymore...
Please fix.
I do realize that since this is not the game code but the website, that it might take longer to fix it. But please make an effort ... thanks in advance.