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Game Crash at many places

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After the v.235 update its hard to play. Killing 5 mobs, game goes laggy and then crash. Did try other places and characters, but nothing helps. Only thing to do is sit and wait?


  • KhongiKhongi
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    Here to report the same. I'm on a low pop world, Elysium. Since v.235 I am also finding it hard to remain in the game without constantly freezing and crashing. I've never had this crash issue before, nothing has changed on my end so unsure what to do.

    I've already done a full uninstall and reinstall and the results are the same, I log in, buff up, attack once, freeze, crash.. ... rinse repeat.

    The constant game crashing is frustrating and I'm losing interest in the game now.
  • DiegoJhonesDiegoJhones
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    As far as I know, updates are designed to make it easier to use apps. They also make it possible to expand the capabilities of the phone. That said, there are still situations like yours that get even worse. Not so long ago, I experienced it myself when I started to lose settings in the apps after an update. So I started double-checking, etc., more often. This was especially felt when everything that connected me with big poker tournaments was deleted. Luckily, now there's a fair go casino vip login mobile, and I can catch up. I still get calls from guys I used to be friends with - but I have nothing to say to them.
  • ruth02ruth02
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    the same problem of years ... lag - crash - bugs -dcs , god ... why you guys can't fix this problem in this game, it's unbelievable.. a huge economy in the company and you can't maintain the performance in this game because of these problems

    There is lag at times in the game and then there is a disconnection. god.. can you fix your nexon game? instead of retiring items and nerf jobs. It's been more than 10 years and this game since wizet left and nexon took full control is a disaster, fix your game!

    fix u game nexon