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Jett deletion and fashionstory

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If Jett really is being deleted, more should be done for the players who've spent money on customising their character.

These are my solutions:
1. Release Sia from MapleStory Mobile into the main game
She's the only other class apart from Jett who has a distinct space theme. Even though the gameplay is different, players switching to her would be able to keep their character designs the same instead of matching to another class.

2. Bring Mo Xuan to GMS from TMS/CMS and allow existing Jetts to transfer to it
Although we would lose our space-themed Jett, this would solve the legion block issue and give us a class that a lot of people are excited about playing.
Players that already own a lvl 200+ copy of every other class wouldn't need to have a double this way.

3. Allow us to switch to any of the 48 classes available instead of just explorers
Limiting the transfer to just explorers is really unfair. What if we already have one of each explorer class? We don't need a copy.
None of the explorers even fit a space theme. If you use your imagination the closest ones are Xenon, Kinesis, and Dawn Warrior. Sia is still way better.

4. Release hair/eye transfer coupons
If we're forced to abandon our Jett, we should have the option to transfer all the royal styles we paid for to another character. Players who main Jett and don't like the explorer classes, or those who enjoy dressing up their mules to a theme would need these coupons to help accommodate Jett's deletion. This is also a paid quality of life feature all MapleStory players have been dreaming of for a long time.

5. Release gender change coupons
Another quality of life feature we've been waiting for.
If we're being forced to choose another class for our Jett, some players (like myself) will need to shuffle their character designs around to rematch classes. We don't want to delete all our effort just to change the gender, so adding gender change to GMS would really help with reorganising both our transformed Jetts and other characters as well.

Feel free to add more ideas.


  • ClawStaffClawStaff
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    edited April 2023
    In terms of gameplay style too, probably either AB or BaM have skills with the closest playstyle. Yeah you use BaM differently, but they also use mobility as one of their main characteristics.
  • MalvonMalvon
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    edited May 2023
    They could do something similar to Ultimate explorers for Jett where you could get one of Jett skills after doing a quest for it or something like that.

    Another idea is they could make a Jett skill cover skin over some of the Pirate explorer skills.
  • KlaraKlara
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    Another maple memo was posted today about Jett.

    There still needs to be better compensation (like in my first post) to help accommodate Jett's removal. Players who don't want to main one of the explorers need a way transfer their hair/face styles WHICH THEY PAID FOR to another class. Or at least include all other classes as a transfer option so we can keep the character design but change the class. We also need an option to change the gender of the new character to fit in how we want to dress them up. My Jett is female but I may want a male I/L who is the only explorer I haven't created yet. I've got several other characters who's gender/hair/eyes needs to be shuffled around as well because of this Jett deletion.

    Please make this less stressful for fashionstory players.