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Non-kms - Dont remove as a fix.

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Nyan all!
So recently I got told to make a forum post because it/they might actually be seen by the right people aka the ones with powers.
The post will be about various things. Mostly about the lack of communication from the higher ops to the down on the ground players.

Firstly: Why did Nexon decide to remove jett?
Jett is a non-kms class and has been bugged since it got released.
Jett is a class that is only played on 2 servers. Jett is not very popular but that might be because it is so bugged that no one wants to play it.
I’m not a jett player, heck my Jett is only lvl 200 or something like that. What I don’t like is that a class is just getting removed with no warning whatsoever. Because Jett has been bugged for such a long time, it is actually incredible for those that dared to continue to main it, and even bring it to a high lvl, despite it not being good because of said bugs.

Along with Jett removal it has done nothing but make maplers that main a non-.kms class worry. This include, Kanna Hayato and Beast tamer, at least for GMS.
Some recent stuff has shown, that Kanna and Hayato probably won't get gutted anytime soon, but what about Beast tamer?

Beast Tamer has never been as bugged as Jett or cause trouble otherwise. The only thing about Beast tamer there is, is that you can't max out all the Animals. :(

We maplers want Jett to be FIXED not REMOVED, enough Skill points for Beast tamer to max out all her Animals AND certainty that we on GMS, will be able to continue to play these non-kms classes, without having to worry about them getting removed as a fix. REMOVING IS NOT THE ANSWER!


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    thiefDK321 wrote: »
    Along with Jett removal it has done nothing but make maplers that main a non-.kms class worry. This include, Kanna Hayato and Beast tamer, at least for GMS.
    Some recent stuff has shown, that Kanna

    With how Nexon removed Kanna's Kishin effect to increase spawn rate, I don't think they'll remove Kanna, otherwise I'm sure they would have just removed Kanna rather than go through the trouble of changing the skill so much

    Edit: (still mad about this) Still I guess it is possible since Nexon removed Permanent Safety Gems when they changed the effects of death (getting a debuff instead of losing exp to stop Kanna's from dying over and over to stay the same level and farming mesos)
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    I believe the removal of certain legacy content (Things like Areas, Skills, Cosmetic items) is fine.
    Things such as classes, items and bosses should be attempted to be saved as much as possible.
    If those things cannot be saved then Nexon should offer extreme compensation.
    Jett's Compensation is a joke.

    In the case for a class being removed, Nexon's major issue was that they couldn't see the value of managing a class that wasn't worth saving or something along those lines.
    If this is the case, make Jett a class worth saving. Revamp the class and make it have a more unique playstyle keeping true to its core vlaue.
    But also, turn it into KMS content. If the problem was the quality of the class not being up to Nexon standards, give KMS/GMS a similar character.
    It's easier for the development team to take the ideas of something that already exists and already has things they can reference and create something new.
    I realize that Nexon wants to tell new stories to their players and that includes through new characters, but if Nexon wants GMS to be part of their revenue source they need to take care of us as well.
    If GMS Jett can't be saved, create a KMS Jett so that you can build it from the ground up and then watch it closely while you develop it.