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Patch v244 Kanna Balance Feedback


  • piero3477piero3477
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    edited October 2023
    Agree with all the points here - it's disheartening to see Nexon pushing Kanna in a solo content direction while giving no buffs to damage numbers, resulting in Kannas doing around the same damage of a Blaze Wizard and not even having party buffs to make up for it.
  • BobertBobert
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    I would really like a response from the "Dev Team Feedback" because...

    "We have designed Kanna to excel at various fields that can serve various roles, but as we adjust overpowered spec, Kanna’s characteristic became vague and the overall power level became low.
    In order to solve this, we decided to focus on Kanna’s damage rather than the party support ability."
    This doesn't make any sense. they nerfed the class's damage with this patch LOL.

    "As a result, Kanna can deal critical damage to enemies and we've adjusted some of the buffs from Spirit’s Domain for it."
    Critical damage? meaning less damage I guess. If they were talking about domain, DOMAIN DOESN'T CRIT.

    Yuki shouldn't have to fail multiple times before the ability goes off to be used. Resulting in 3 seconds of doing nothing and NO MANA.
    Barriers shouldn't have to take 3 seconds to be SPAMMED to be placed down. When I do black mage and seren. I have to try and summon a barrier and wait for a kick instead of just doing my rotation.
    Can rarely use the new Vanquisher's Charm outside of domain now cause the cost is incredibly high. pray you are able to summon a vein or have a big barrier up.
    Cannot Exo weave anymore because the developers decided to change how Tengu worked randomly.
    Imagine having a 6 second CD up jump after every mage doesn't have that or can just fly when they want to.
  • iBundanceiBundance
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    TLDR much of it but the first part im shocked that people have that much damage to where it matter but hey more power to you guys.Class does kinda suck and I support your changes 75 %.
  • AkuHitsujiAkuHitsuji
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    So many good suggestions (that would actually fix this class) in this thread. Too bad Nexon seems to operate without barely any regard for it's (gms) player base. Please fix my favorite class. We don't need to be #1 on the DPS charts, simply being viable would be nice though.
  • K33niaK33nia
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    As someone, who's been maining Hayato, Kanna & Beast Tamer, playing all of them at a end game level.
    (Having solo'd Black Mage on each of them, and being part of a Kalos party)
    While i agree with the above class specific issues for Kanna, i want to add a severe issue that plagues these classes, is the lack of receiving regular updates that other classes get.
    Several of Kanna's issues have already been fixed for other classes in prior patches, similarly applying these fixes to Kanna (in addition to Hayato & Beast Tamer) is the least amount of attention i think these classes deserve. Here would be some of the more significant ones:

    1. Cooldown Alignment
    Since Destiny, every class has become either 60/120sec or 90/180 cooldown cycle. Where at least their personal skills have no contradictions to this, meanwhile Kanna has:
    Spirit's Domain (196sec),
    Yuki (75sec),
    Oni Lord's Legion (180sec cooldown, that doesn't start until the 60sec duration is over, so that it's effectively 240sec).
    This is in addition to some of the important shared Sengoku branch skills being:
    Sakuno's Blessing (240sec),
    Sengoku Forces (120sec).
    With the ability to get 2 stacks of Sakuno's Blessing, Kanna was effectively turned into a 196sec cycle class, which helped a bit, instead of having to delay Domain till Sakuno was off cooldown, but it's still far from optimal as it requires waiting for 2 stacks of Blessing before starting to do bosses or other stuff, and in 30min boss fight, have 2 of 10 bursts without Blessing, while also using Sengoku Force every 196sec instead of the possible 120 it could've if not for the contradictive cooldown cycles.

    2. Action Delay Decreases
    Kanna is a very clunky class to play, which is only tolerable because it has an animation-canceling skill, whereas all Korean classes continuously have improvements to their skill's action delay, Kanna does not receive any.

    3. Key-hold down duration cut
    Another thing is how cooldown burst skills, which require the key to be held for the duration of the skill, had their duration cut and got increased damage, if this was (properly) applied to Kanna's Vanquisher Charm, it would significantly improve the usability of the skill.

    4. Cooldown(s) Being Applied at the Start
    Taking an example from this patch's quality of life improvements to Ark's Endless Agony, where the cooldown was being changed to apply as soon the key was pressed and held down, instead of when the key is being released, is another thing that could significantly improve Kanna's Vanquisher Charm, being spent to charge Domain, and then waiting out the cooldown reusing it for burst. Likewise with the issue of Oni Lord's Legion where the 180sec cooldown, doesn't apply until the end of the 60sec duration.

    In addition to these few significant issues, there have been several other small common quality of life things that could improve the class besides its damage. Such as upward mobility skills changes, aura-type skills not putting you in combat, and more.
    Personally, i wouldn't mind playing a weaker job, if the said job were also well-maintained and fluid to play. But I'm instead watching how every other class gets small improvements that could apply to the classes i play without receiving them. This is adding insult to injury on all the class-specific issues Kanna, Hayato & Beast Tamer have.
    (another example, would be how Beast Tamer was ignored in the last patch when Zero and Kinesis got their missing V skill, despite similarly missing one)
    So just reviewing the common quality of life balance trends that have been applied to other classes and applying these to Kanna, Hayato & Beast Tamer could already improve both the damage and the experience playing these classes.

    Took forever to get a forum account verified despite the message of how it would be within 24 hours, hence why this comment is added this late
  • MogidiMogidi
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    Would love if Kanna is given some love back after all we've been trough. The idea of a cooldown on the upjump skill, some skills having a cooldown still (because I understand at the time it was needed to have a cooldown), between other things already been mentioned already on this thread.
  • Fabio_MFabio_M
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    I can't speak for everyone else but right now I'm starting to lose hope, my level 280 58k INT reboot kanna in comparison is slower at bossing than other classes with like -15k stats... these things Nexon showed us about kanna 6th job are only going to widen the gap between all the classes in the game and kanna (wont mention BT cause thats a whole other story), 20% boss on maxed 6th job domain boost? what kind of terrible joke is that? Final damage on Yuki?????? It's like Nexon is doing it on purpose, on the same patch, the other sengoku class got a major buff (even tho it has downsides like being more clunky), but still kanna stays struggling and without any answer from Nexon about the problems everyone raised.

    These are sad days for all of us.

    PLEASE... PLEASE do something.
  • chirchir
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    praying for class deletion. Seems like no effort is going into the class
  • Fabio_MFabio_M
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    lets just make some maths here

    +5% base Final Damage, +1% per 2500 INT (up to +45% max) + 10% from 6th job when maxed.
    A bishop with 50k INT which is not that hard to reach in the current days: 5fd+20fd+10fd =

    35% Final Damage for the bishop itself while Bene is on, 25% for party members <---

    15% Final damage (at stage 3) + 100% Boss Damage (caster only) + 20% Boss damage from 6th job when maxed (caster only)

    15% FD + 120% BD for the Kanna itself, 15% FD for party members <---

    Lets leave out how much bene is actually much better than domain for the whole party, lets just focus of what both give to their casters:

    the difference - 20% final damage is MUCH BETTER than 120% boss damage, specially because there's so many sources of BD, and in a party setting, both damage and boss damage will equate to around 900% easily, which means 120% extra boss damage is a very very small difference in damage.

    Another funny topic:

    (Boost Node) Benediction Boost: Boosts Benediction.
    [Updated November 21] Lv. 30: Additionally increases Bishop's Final Damage by 10% when using Benediction, other Final Damage increase effects due to Benediction are additive.
    Passive Effect: STR/DEX/INT/LUK: +90.
    (Boost Node) Angel of Balance Boost: Boosts Angel of Balance.
    Lv. 30: Angel of Balance Final Damage: +60%.
    (Boost Node) Peacemaker Boost: Boosts Peacemaker.
    Lv. 30: Peacemaker Final Damage: +60%.
    (Boost Node) Divine Punishment Boost: Boosts Divine Punishment.
    Lv. 30: Divine Punishment Final Damage: +60%.


    (Boost Node) Yuki-musume Shoukan Boost: Boosts Yuki-musume Shoukan.
    Lv. 30: Yuki-musume Shoukan Final Damage: +60%.
    (Boost Node) Spirit's Domain Boost: Boosts Spirit's Domain.
    Lv. 30: Boss Damage +20% while receiving Spirit's Domain's effect.
    Passive effect: STR/DEX/INT/LUK +90.
    (Boost Node) Liberated Spirit Circle Boost: Boosts Liberated Spirit Circle.
    Lv. 30: Liberated Spirit Circle Final Damage: +60%.
    (Boost Node) Ghost Yaksha Bosses' Boss Boost: Boosts Ghost Yaksha Bosses' Boss.
    Lv. 30: Ghost Yaksha Bosses' Boss Final Damage: +60%.

    Final damage to Yuki??????? Boss??????? Useless great oni lords??????
    do you even know how much those mean in a normal BA? it's such a small difference, while Bishop actually gets simple FD gains in 3 of their actually useful 5th job skills.

    The only good 6th job boost for a 5th job skill is liberated spirit circle and we all know how random that skill can be, where you can miss 100% of the damage it makes if you're unlucky with boss movement.

    Please delete this freaking class.
  • valleyofmistvalleyofmist
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    I agree with everything said by original poster. Kanna's skills need real buffs and there needs to be a deep dive revamp.

    I also want to add as a Kanna main, that loves the class and Maplestory, it is so sad to see every new patch something with Kanna's skills don't work. I have started dreading reading the patch notes and seeing Kanna's skill no longer work the same or are changed and there is no communication of whether it's intended or being worked on. Even with the future 6th job, we have seen from MapleSEA, the Origin skill cancels Great Oni Legion Lord. HOW? It is these types of changes, decisions, and inactions that have led to Kanna being in shambles. Please please please work on Kanna, it is not acceptable to do these low effort changes and not acknowledge the effect it has on the class and players.

    You may think only the current kanna mains care about this class, but every day new people join the kanna discord asking how to play Kanna. How does it make sense to have a class people want to main, but don't because it is so weak and clunky to play?
  • AkuHitsujiAkuHitsuji
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    We were told long long ago that a rework was being planned, but that was followed up about a year later stating they wouldn't be tweaking Kanna any further. Yet they keep hitting Kanna with their giant nerf bat. The sixth job in it's current form is just adding insult to injury. Please pick up the rework plans again. The class needs it. We don't need to be OP, just average and playable is enough.

    It would be nice to at least get some conformation from the cm's that the team is aware of these concerns. At this point it kind of feels like screaming into a void. Where do we even take these concerns in the hopes they'll be seen? This message board is as good as dead, reddit gets mostly ignored by the cm's ever since Ezra got fired and the feedback/suggestions section we purged from discord.
  • ArseniArseni
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    The way Kanna is treated both in forums and ingame is disgraceful.

    The Devs "increased the amount of mobs hit" on 6th from 8 to 8, how many people had to act like they read this description in order for it to reach live?

    Is there any GM/Dev that is actively playing or testing Kanna? Trashed it as a support fully neglecting the damage and have a walk of shame with the main attack and main buff on 6th.

    People beg you to delete a class they play because they like it but you keep destroying it. liking Kanna or being too invested in it are the only reasons keep people playing this class.

    Considering Kanna came from Japanese stories, you make a fool out of their culture and your whole company.
  • Fabio_MFabio_M
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    Does this actually mean if kanna dies EVERYONE in the party will lose domain inside a boss fight?

  • BobertBobert
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    Wondering when we will receive a single response instead of just nerfs