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Make Placeholder Cores for Beast Tamer 6th job

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edited November 2023 in Suggestions, Feedback, and Requests
Since Beast Tamer will not have 6th job skills at launch, it would be great if they at least could get some Placeholder Cores.

These Placeholder cores could literally do NOTHING, however they'd exist for players to at least make progress during 6th job and carry over to when the class gets the job advancement in a few months.

Basically it'd just be 1 Origin Skill Core, 1 Mastery Core, and 4 Enhancement Cores that just exist to be leveled up and have no function until the job gets their job advancement.

This would allow them to keep up with other players 6th job progress and not fall behind, which would especially be import with a daily cap on Sol Erda Energy since you can't grind to catch up to players that are ahead of you.


  • CaidaCaida
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    edited November 2023
    This would be a good idea seeing as how there's nothing for beast tamers atm. Kinda feel like I am missing out on the event.
  • ElphabetzElphabetz
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    edited November 2023
    This is a very good idea, the fact that a class might literally be gated from progression for months because negligence on Nexon's part in not having their 6th ready in time is crazy. Having placeholder cores and the ability to advance to 6th job even so bt's can at least progress when they wait to get their 6th job is the bare minimum nexon should do in this case.
  • StaconaStacona
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    edited November 2023
    don't even need placeholder, just let us get 6th job and have 5th job boost nodes and hexa stat system at least.
  • iBundanceiBundance
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    edited November 2023
    I think the sol erda also expire so hvaing something to level up or removing the time limit on these items would be amazing.