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Bossing practise

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Hi there
I would like to suggest that you Add a way to practice bosses without having to wait long periods of time in between completion or fails of the bosses
where you gain no EXP or Drops just a way to keep practicing any boss you wish
maybe there could be a reward / achievements list where you can gain some reward points
Like for example kill lotus 100 times for 10k reward points

but mainly its just for practice purposes

feel free to add some thoughts of the reward / achievements list =) or any idea of what would be cool to have

have a nice day mapling =)


  • YonaxYonax
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    I like a practice mode for bosses, it's quite common in other games as well like Vindictus (Nexon's other game).
    But can only work if you don't get exp/drops from it, would be nice it you can practice always unlimited and that it does count for the collection book.