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[Stuck] Game crashes when I log in with main

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I cannot log in with my main ( Name: Quinox Server: Luna EU ). The game just crashes while I hear the music of the stage. All other characters are fine...


  • WhutWhut
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    Let me guess, you hear the music of Ereve? If yes, Ereve (or 1 particular map in Ereve) is currently bugged and Nexon is aware of this. They however cannot give us a date when it'll be fixed. Better send a ticket to Nexon and they will port your character to another map. It might take a few days however.
  • ThokimThokim
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    Hello Mapler,

    I am sorry that I could not assist you sooner and I do apologize for the delayed response.
    As there have been a few maintenance periods that have already passed, your character should no longer be affected. However, if you are still experiencing issues with your character(s). please submit a ticket through our customer support page so that we may be able to further investigate this issue.

    Thank you again for your patience and support!
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