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Pollo & Fritto

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Alright guys this is my theory of the mechanics of the Pollo/Fritto portals. I have spent some time experimenting with these portals and I think I am now ready to share this knowledge and hopefully help some people understand.

Since all Nexon had to say about it in the patch notes is, and I quote:

"Hunt monsters to get a chance to help out the Bounty Hunter Brothers, Pollo and Fritto."
"After hunting monsters, a portal will appear in the map. Entering the portal will send you to one of four mini-games."

Very informative and detailed, much wow right? So anyways. The infernal wolf portal (the red one) and the mini game portal (the yellow one) do not share the same cooldown. I have concluded that there is about, during the haste event atleast, 1 hour cooldown (for the yellow portal) and between 2-3 hours for the red one. But the cooldowns are seperate so if you enter the infernal wolf and keep hunting you will, after about 200-300 monsters, get the yellow portal. Note that some minigames like the one where you shoot eagles and dance in a chicken costume do not count towards the clearing of Pollo/Fritto portals. This part of the event is by far the most difficult. So I'm hoping this helps a few people understand how these portals work.

Getting the infernal wolf isn't as difficult as clearing the yellow portal 3 times and sometimes both portals will appear for you, usually the first time of the day, in this case choose the yellow one. You only need to clear the red one once and it is quite easy.

Combo count does not increase the chanse of a portal appearing so don't worry about that, I was able to confirm this by summoning a portal with 1-2 combo. The thing that increases the chance of the portal appearing is the number of monster you have killed, which is not the same as the combo count because multikills only add 1 to the combo count even though you killed 2+ enemies.

From my experience the odds of a portal appearing is proportionall to the number of monsters killed. Granted that you have not entered a portal in the last hour or so. The yellow/red portal usually appears when you've killed between 100-300 monsters but can also appear between 0-100 monsters if you are lucky. Or more than 300 if you're unlucky ofcourse but usually it's between 100-300. The monster needs to be in your level range. This is very important as I have not been able to summon a portal from a monster below my level range. That is +10 and -10 my level.

Now I'm assuming that the odds of you getting a portal with 0 kills is 0 and as a curve perhaps hyperbolic shaped. Definitely not exponential. In other words there is a cap on the % chanse that the portal will appear after x number of mobs. Ofcourse I can't confirm this since I'm just speculating but I doubt it can reach 100%. The portal will appear somewhere on the map a few seconds after the kill that triggered it. Usually close to the person that triggered it. Only you can see the portal ofcourse and no one else can enter it. Think of it as a drop just for you.

So once you have cleared it wait 1 hour and repeat. Find monsters near your level, no more than +10 och -10 your level. And keep killing until it appears, you don't have to keep count the important thing is that the portal must not be on cooldown so be sure to wait approximately 1 hour before trying again. If you entered the yellow portal the first time. You can probably keep farming and the red portal will appear and vice versa. But they are different types of portals and each have their own cooldown. The infernal wolf portal might be between 2-3 hours but since you only need to do it once a day it's fine.

Also note that some maps, even if the monsters are within your level range can't have portals. The entire Far East region for example.


  • arugulaarugula
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    Thank you for this! I find that daily quest particularly frustrating as not every portal that spawns will count toward the 3 clears. I grinded for 2+ hours last night and didn't get a single clear. I guess I won't be getting my 9th chest today :/
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    God bless you! I was also thinking that polo and fritto had a cool down! didn't realize inferno had a 3 hr cool down! also, if u plan on doing the haste event. remember to do all 9 of em in 1 day b4 reset (7 pm est). then u get the 44k monster kill requirement!
  • KlaraKlara
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    I'm going to guess for higher levels (150+), the portals work the same as kill counts; you don't need to be within +10 or -10. I spawned a portal while fighting monsters 24 levels below mine (aka Kritias).