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GM event times for europeans

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Event mentioned seen above.
What I noticed is that pacific and eastern times, you get hours that fit in any day.
However for europeans on Lunar and Reboot, you would have to be up 11pm and onwards.

While I understand maplestory may only have GMs available for events at such hours, my suggestion is to at least have it on a friday/saturday for the european lunar and reboot(until europe gets their own reboot atleast), so that while american reboot players still get the same hours as ever, we europeans atleast won't have to go tired to work the next day (not counting the unfortunate bastards that work weekends), or miss the event entirely.

I'm not suggesting to change the times, just the days for those specific servers europeans play on, so europeans can atleast get late hours like that on appropriate days that suit the majority more. Right now the two realms most europeans play on are set to be on sunday, at 11pm-5am, meaning people who have school or work the next day probably will not have the chance to participate.


  • ASoggyRatASoggyRat
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    There's a poll here about changing server times to make event times better for European players on the Luna server. The most popular option seems to be to use PST for all the North American servers and Central European time for the EU servers, which feels like a good compromise.

    I understand your frustrations with event times on the reboot server, but it is still a North American server, and they have to cater to where a majority of their players are. It's been stated before that a European reboot world is likely eventually, but we have to wait until it's available to us.
  • LudicrousLudicrous
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    "but it is still a North American server"
    Which is why I did not suggest a change to CET time, but rather that they host events there on saturday/friday if possible.
    There are 6 servers on friday and 6 servers on saturday, but only 2 servers on sunday and both on sunday just happen to be the european one (where indeed it should be changed to CET since thats where the main playerbase is at) and the NA reboot, but the NA reboot is the only reboot EU has access to currently. There would be no harm in changing EG Yellonde or Bellocan with Reboot, making it so that EU players in Reboot still have to stay up at night but atleast can get to experience the event without missing out on work/school, while still not inconveniencing the NA playerbase.
  • HolHol
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    I was just about to create a thread about this.

    The times are ridiculous for Europeans. UTC: 11:00 PM - 5:00 AM, my timezone is the same as UTC and I'm in bed for 10pm on a work night! Luckily I'm not that bothered about the GM events but if this was any other event I would be annoyed. Now that EMS has merged with GMS, they should cater for us Europeans too!

    I agree with you Ludicrous, if they can't change the event times to suit Europeans better, it would be good if they host the GM event for Luna on either a Friday or Saturday night instead when most players won't be at work or school the next day.
  • DiannikaDiannika
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    NA player here, and i agree it would definitely make more sense to at least move Luna to a friday or saturday night. Not reboot, as there are so many people on reboot even before the merge that GM events are near impossible to do anyway, so having it on a weeknight means people have to choose what to do and therefore there is a chance people can actually do it if some people decide to sleep instead.