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Tech suppot= no support?

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I just browsed through the tech support section of the forums due to my random crashed and to maple totally killing the sound from my left laptop speaker (I have to restart the laptop to have it back), I see no question answered in the last month by nexon staff.

What is the point of this section if no one answers or acknowledges the game problems?

These random crashes (sometimes 3 in a row even before I start the game) really are testing my patience, I came back 2 months ago and atm the game is becoming a pain instead of being enjoyable. Friends already quit because of these bugs. I play games like Tera and FFXIV on my laptop without any problems why this game is giving so much issues and why glitches from 2007 (like the changing channel one) are still not fixed??


  • ASoggyRatASoggyRat
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    If you're having actual issues with the game that can't be solved with help from other forum users, I'd recommend you submit a support ticket to get an official reply.
  • forumsareannoyingforumsareannoying
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    Dont bother looking for support, Nexon can only help if you give them money.