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HT not spawning and not allowed to do zakum.......

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HT will not spawn and the guy won't let me into Zakum's room even though it has been well over 48 hours.

ReBoot server. Anyone know a fix?


  • AKradianAKradian
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    The instancing on these two bosses is bugged, which means that if somebody is already fighting the boss on the same channel you are on, bad things happen.

    In the case of Zakum, the NPC doesn't send you into the room, but he does count it as if you entered. If you try again, thinking he must not have heard you, then the same thing will happen. And the third time, he will say you've used up your attempts for the day.

    In the case of Horntail, you will get in, but random things may go wrong: the fake heads might not spawn, or you might get warped into a random room, or you might end up on the same map with another person or party. What's worse is that if you start your run and then someone else enters on the same channel, their run might glitch yours.

    For both of them, there is no sure way to avoid the glitch, but it certainly helps if you don't try to run on the same channel that boss tele put you in. Change to another channel, watch for a few minutes to make sure nobody goes in before you do, and then click the NPC and pray real hard.