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Is Maple even worth playing right now with lag?

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edited January 2017 in General Chat
So, Nexon said the maintenance yesterday was supposed to stabilize the game and reduce lag, and that "playability is our number one priority". However, they basically fixed nothing- the lag is just as bad, and people are still crashing on trying to log in, and that was on a weekday. The game is horribly unfun to play when you lose to the lag. The game's "playability" is super ridiculously low, yet we are supposed to just keep going as is?


  • jasonxddjasonxdd
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    this is what happens when you let [removed] run a software engineering company
  • ChukkiChukki
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    I wouldn't recommend this game for newcomers.

    Nexon is a multi-billion dollar company but they act like a multi-million dollar company.

    That's a problem.
  • RegretfuIlyRegretfuIly
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    Pretty sad when unfinished games on Steam are more playable than Maple.
  • XenomataXenomata
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    TBH I've not been playing recently, but that's just because I physically was unable to play, before realizing that "Wait, why do I even care in the first place? The lag gets terrible if anything is going on, just getting into the game is another hell in and of itself, and events just plain don't feel worth it for all the effort needed."

    So yeah my guild has probably given me the boot already, but ya know what, screw it. I'm having a lot more fun rubbing my 1 foot tall murderous origami sword thing.
  • OrblitOrblit
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    Before the unscheduled maintenance, there wasn't exactly any lag...just the annoying records being broken by abusers every 10 seconds. After the maintenance, sure the notification that covered a good chunk of my middle screen was gone, most of the time, but the new and improved lag disconnects me the first 2-3 minutes of attacking.
  • Its2Sharp4UIts2Sharp4U
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    Whatever the "fix" was wasn't a fix. I'm not amused, nor surprised, and disappointed yet again.