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Character(s) stuck; unable to log in

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edited February 2017 in Bug Reporting
Bug type:

Brief bug summary:
Unable to log in to characters after logging into account and inputting PIC. Similar to recent nodestone lockout characters. Might be related to the current "nothing working" bug.

More details:
I was able to log onto one character of my account immediately after the maintenance with no issues.
I logged off and relogged onto a different character of the same account.
This second character then suffered from this glitch that is happening to multiple people right now. I logged off this stuck character thinking a relog would work.
After logging off this stuck character, I have not been able to log onto any other character. I can log into the account, but once I select a character and input my pin, it gives me the sound that says I've logged in, then goes into a black screen. This is similar to the lockout that occurred in December/January for people who got stuck after opening too many nodes.

Steps to reproduce:
- Log onto character that gets the current glitch (possibly due to ring/equip summons) - may or may not be relevant step
- Log off and attempt to log back in
- Unable to login to the character you select. It will display the character as online on Buddy List/Guild/track but all you get is a black screen.

Character info:
Not included as so far this has happened to every single character I've tried on two different accounts.

Date and time of the incident:
After the scheduled maintenance on 16 Feb 2017.


  • pommepouffepommepouffe
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    edited February 2017
    I am still stuck after the unscheduled maintenance. My ticket was marked as resolved due to the USC but this has changed nothing.
  • NekohimesamaNekohimesama
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    edited February 2017
    glitch so hard this time , cant even login ...
  • AranAran
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    edited February 2017
    couldn't even usc properly, login glitch from before is back again