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Feedback RE:drop rates

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Nexon's policies of combating bots by lowering drop rates from elite mobs and lowering drop rates for nodestones backfires immensely by forcing the playerbase to rely on bots for the supply of these items. It is prohibitively time-expensive to obtain these items in sufficient quantities legitimately, making bots the only practical source of these items as well as making selling these items for legit players less valuable.
If you wanted to address the over-supply of these items from bots, then make these items untradeable and allow players the ability to obtain them with higher drop rates. This discourages botting for these items as well as encouraging players to spend the necessary time to hunt for items themselves.

Nexon also needs to be more up-front with players when they adjust these drop rates, because they come out of the blue and discourage us.


  • Its2Sharp4UIts2Sharp4U
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    It backfires when you nerf the drop rate because it increases the chances of botting/hacking when it becomes harder.

    Many players in the past and now have been pushing for a better Maple in terms of a proper upgrading route that isn't ridiculous as of right now.

    Clean Chaos Root Abyss equipment won't help you beat Chaos Root Abyss Bosses. Then there's Tyrant equipment and Magnus. Empress equipment and Cygnus. Gollux. Etc.

    It's either you have drop equipment, bot (which I am not recommending but many people do this), or grind it out till the end of days. If they want to do something about the hackers and botters go after patching the exploits completely and going after players reducing numbers one by one.

    Proof such as the anti-hack system in general or certain boss content such as Magnus has proved that it hindered players more than the actual hackers.

    The biggest issue is Nexon's incompetence is realizing the issues of funding in Non-Reboot worlds is extremely limited as an average player, and in all worlds because of all the botters/hackers cheating their way to the top.

    There's tons of low level content and tons of end-game content. But there is no content in-between to properly cushion the blow.

    Arcane River is a ridiculous jump because it requires a decent if not crazy amount of damage for an average player. Nodestones are already random to begin with and the only way to get them is to grind in Arcane River.

    The heart of the problem are both the low rates and hackers/botters. Not the ability to craft tradeable nodestones.
  • forumsareannoyingforumsareannoying
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    LittleTLK wrote: »
    Nexon's policies of combating bots by lowering drop rates from elite mobs and lowering drop rates for nodestones backfires immensely by forcing the playerbase to rely on bots for the supply of these items.

    Are you speculating that Nexon intentionally lowered the drop rates in order to combat the hacking/botting/elite farming problem? Can anyone confirm this?

    Anyways, it's as @Its2Sharp4U says, there is no inbetween. There are lots of things you can do as a noob to improve your range. You can get the set bonus from many different sets, spell trace things, hunt elite bosses for drops, etc. However, approaching even mid-game status will require you to either spend a large amount of money(or time if you're against purchasing NX) and you probably might not be able to do bosses such as CRA or HMAG. I'm not even going to mention end-game since that requires thousands of $ or hours if you're that committed.

    I support OP as it is completely unfair to nerf ANYTHING that is being ruined by illegimate players.