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arch mage ice lightning 5th job skill (Ice Age) dc

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I've been d/cing every time I use Ice Age in chu chu pq. Also, its been lagging in the pq too. I can't pick up the items for awhile which makes it impossible to get perfect. Anyone else having this issue? I'm too lazy to scroll down pages to see if other players are having the same issue.


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  • MayetalaMayetala
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    Ice Age disconnects the player if it is used in a map where the spawn is greater than normal (whether it be through the frenzy totem, kishin, or even the rune of hordes).

    I don't know if it's because the skill attacks too many monsters (skill description says 15, but I think that's for the initial cast, who knows how many the ice hits), or if the game simply can't handle damaging/freeze stacking all of those monsters at once.