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It wasn't Big bang

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I often hear people say "mimimimi big bang killed maplestory mimimi" but that is most of the part wrong.
The content after big bang caused some mess.
I mean when the big bang update went live there were still a lot of players.
I think the removing of party quests and the adding of the cubes and also making bosses soloable kinda messed a bit up.

Leveling got easier but it didn't really affect anything beside that you dont feel like a boss anymore. People complain leveling is too fast.
Excuse do you want to you stay level 30 forever and get bored of the grinding

Also a huge factor is that society gets faster and people dont really have time for games or anything. I mean i have school from 8 am till 4 pm.

People should get over . A lot of Games had an update like this. Its still enjoyable. If big bang destoyed maplestory, it wouldnt exist, it saved the game.

That was kinda a calm rave.

Well you can join and state your thoughts too.


  • UzumeUzume
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    Personally I believe it was the Unleashed patch that killed Maple. It really opened that gap between paying players and nonpaying players.
  • IvangoldIvangold
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    Uzume wrote: »
    Personally I believe it was the Unleashed patch that killed Maple. It really opened that gap between paying players and nonpaying players.

    Besides the amont of things that can upgrade your damage, and most was all really hard to get(compared to like symbols in v patch), a lot of RNG, and xenon just came super OP, making me and other really sad how one job can be so powerfull yet others are like 1/3 of the strengh with same eqps.
  • LilyflowerLilyflower
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    I don't think big bang or pre big bang cause maple to make it so p2w, what caused maple so p2w is the unleashed Patch.
  • Its2Sharp4UIts2Sharp4U
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    What destroyed the game wasn't the mechanics themselves but how it played out altogether.

    Potential and Big Bang brought an ease to gaining power and levels easier. However due to the access of Cash Shop with Miracle Cubes, EXP Coupons, etc. that is what ruined the game. The paying advantage seemingly became wider and wider throughout each update to no end.

    The current problem with today's game is that each individual content doesn't offer anything truly new or more to help out gearing up for the next content. A good example is Root Abyss and Gollux. Being equipped with a scrolled Root Abyss Gear and fully scrolled Gollux isn't going to help you out with the hardest modes. Potential is one of the biggest game-breakers when it comes to if you're able to beat it or not.

    5th Job has the same story. If you're not properly equipped with scrolled or potential you can forget about it. There's no middle ground for MapleStory and you'll have to grind out in content or pay up whatever method possible.
  • NeoTokyoDudeNeoTokyoDude
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    nvm, I agree with the above.
  • LagTooMuchLagTooMuch
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    it was the potential ability along with freakin cubesssssssssss = no more party quest = the main fundamental of Maplestory = It was at this moment, Maplestory knew they fked up !