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Halloween Surprise Style Box Item List (10/26)

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Halloween Surprise Style Boxes from Cash Shop Update 10/26

Please post a list of the items you've received from this year's Halloween Surprise Style Box that are not already on this list. They don't need to be in order or anything. Even a screenshot of your inventory will suffice -- I will figure out what those items are and add them to the list.

This post is cross posted from the MapleStory subreddit. Please let me know if you spot any errors. tyfyt

  1. Black Cat Plush
  2. Cat Soul
  3. Dark Seraphim
  4. Elizabeth Fan (F)
  5. Evil Skull
  6. Pink Angel Syringe
  7. Rockin' Guitar
  1. Black Crown
  2. Cat Hood
  3. Cottontail Rabbit Hat
  4. Devil Horns
  5. Dinofrog Hat
  6. Elizabeth Hat
  7. Fallen Angel Headband
  8. Grey Nero Hoodie
  9. Iljimae Mask
  10. Inferno Horns
  11. Magic Hat
  12. Maid Headband
  13. Mummy Hat
  14. Pink Angel Wing Cap
  15. Pixiemom Hat
  16. Pink Nero Hoodie
  17. Pirate Captain's Hat
  18. Pumpkin Hat
  19. Purple Dinosaur Hat
  20. Skull Hat
  21. Skull Hairpin
  22. Spike Headphone
  23. Tiger Cub Hat
  24. White Nurse Hat
  1. Prisoner Top
  1. Prisoner Pants
  1. Alps Girl (F)
  2. Cat Suit (F)
  3. Commander Captain
  4. Cottontail Rabbit Dress
  5. Dinofrog Outfit
  6. Elizabeth Dress
  7. Feline Blue Sleeves
  8. Halloweenroid Dress (F)
  9. Maid Dress (F)
  10. Mummy Suit
  11. Nero Bell Outfit
  12. Pink Angel Uniform
  13. Pumpkin Bat Outfit
  14. Purple Dinosaur Overall
  15. Skull Suit
  16. Tiger Cub Outfit
  17. Victorian Vampire Suit
  18. White Nurse Uniform
  1. Dinofrog Gloves
  2. Elizabeth Gloves
  3. Nero Gloves
  4. Purple Dinosaur Gloves
  5. Skull Gloves
  6. White Bandage
  1. Cat Knee Socks
  2. Cottontail Rabbit Shoes
  3. Dinofrog Shoes
  4. Halloweenroid Boots
  5. Nero Paws
  6. Pink Angel Wing Shoes
  7. Purple Dinosaur Shoes
  8. White Nurse Shoes
  1. Bat's Bane
  2. Bound Wings
  3. Coffin of Gloom
  4. Count Dracula Cape
  5. Dracula Cloak
  6. Fallen Angel Tail
  7. Fallen Angel Wings
  8. Gargoyle Wings
  9. Harpie Cape
  10. Lucifer Half Wing
  11. Puppet Strings
Eye Accessory
  1. Black Eye Guard
  2. Black Skull Eyepatch
  3. Butterfly Ball Mask
  4. Classic Masquerade Mask
  5. Damien's Eyepatch
  6. Head Bandage
  7. Medical Eye Patch
Face Accessory
  1. No Biting!
  2. Jester Mask
  3. Mummy Mask
  4. Von Bon Mask
  5. Vellum Mask
  6. Villain Mask
  1. Halloweenroid Sensor
  1. Skull Label Ring
  2. Skull Quote Ring

You can also see most of these items on BannedStory simulator.
If these forums ever get collapsible text boxes, I'll start embedding the images instead of linking them. Otherwise, the length of these posts would be ridiculous.


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    If I only had the NX to buy some...that cat weapon cover looks cute.
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    Is the halloweenroid sensor really an earring? Can I wear it with my hat?