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Frequent crashes when soloing Clocktower maps

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Reporting a bug I experience in the Lacheln Clocktower maps.

I play as a Kanna, and I find that whenever I solo a clocktower map I crash around the 10-15m mark. I never seem to be able to last very long in those places. Maybe related to kishin/mobs building up, because I do not crash at all (have been fine for hours) when I share the map with a friend.

For comparison, I can solo maps such as Rev place 3, Chicken, Hidden Slurpy just fine. Playing on reboot.


  • LamatoLamato
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    What's your current Arcane Force? If you lack the required minimal amount, you will trigger an animation per hit of a monster. This shield animation is probably what causes disconnections (especially if you're a class that has a lot of fast-attacking skills) if your proc it too many times in a short amount of time.